Due to the lack of events related to biostimulants in Latin America, the Latin American Symposium on Biostimulants in Agriculture (SLABA) was designed to act as a pioneer in the discussions on the use of biostimulants in Brazil. On the other hand, the Brazilian Meeting on Induction of Resistance in Plants against Pathogens is an event already consolidated in its ninth edition. The joint event will allow the update of the knowledge of a large number of people interested in discussing the importance of Resistance Induction and the use of Biostimulants in Agriculture aiming at disease control and maintenance of crop productivity. The organization of the joint event aims to stimulate the discussion of the use of these products in the country, to integrate the technical-scientific knowledge with the needs of the industrial production and to allow the dialogue between these sectors, culminating in the development of integrated strategies in order to potentiate the effectiveness of these products in long-term use, taking into account the local needs of the productive sector. Experienced professionals in the field, working in different national and international institutions, including representatives from different Brazilian states, others from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, France, Spain, Belgium and Ireland will present lectures at the event.

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